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cbd moon rocks

The Colony Hemp Group is pleased to be offering CBD Moon Rocks made from Hemp. We use USA 100%
organically developed modern Hemp Flower at 45% CBD and above. We give the bud a machine and hand trim. The CBD bud is dunked in high potency Broad Spectrum 89% CBD distillate, and rolled in CBD Kief to make an intense Hemp Moon Rock. The Kief has been Co2 impacted and screened.



We use USA 100% Organic Farming Techniques while growing our Hemp plants at 45% CBD and above. The Hemp Flower and Kief is a unique, high grade and very sought after strain Bubba Kush. These three components in conjunction with one another create an amazing Moon Rock with superior levels of CBD.

Our Moon Rocks start with a primo Hemp Bud that gets showered with high potency 89% CBD distillate, wrapped up by rolling the solidified Bud in Kief. This creates the most elevated measure of consumable CBD conceivable. CBD epicureans are continually searching for more up to date and better approaches to make the most of their preferred strains of CBD.


∆ 9 THC & .3% Total THC Including THC-A, 100% Organically Grown, Full Spectrum, Stacked with Natural Terpenes.

∆ 9 THC.3% Total THC Including THC-A

always under .3% thc

We would suggest that our CBD Moon Rocks test somewhere in the range of 45-49% CBD. The CBD Hemp Kief enables us to about double the CBD levels of our Hemp Moon Rocks. For clients needing considerably higher CBD levels, our CBD Hemp Moon Rocks surly will not disappoint!

CBD Hemp Flower contains an abundance of restorative advantages without the undesirable reactions of high THC. CBD Moon Rocks enable buyers to support an ordinary degree of efficiency and fixation. Numerous people notice Hemp Moon Rocks help sooth Sleep Disorders, Pain, Stress, and Inflammation. Hemp Flower Moon Rocks enables Americans to lessen narcotic use..

For what reason would it be advisable for you to consider using CBD Moon Rocks? The principal significant favorable position is the high assimilation rate. At the point when we smoke Moon Rocks the cannabinoids and terpenes are consumed into our respiratory system. They at that point enter our circulation system. Utilizing this procedure by passes the stomach and liver, creating better absorption, and better bio-availability to our bodies.



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